Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about how buying a bottle of Riesling helped pay for Ryan‘s weekend trip with his son. They also bring on Dr. Robert Zeitlin, psychologist and author of "Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids".

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is dedicated to supporting kids and their parents. Through his work with SpeakUp!, Parenting on the Main Line, and programs designed to increase parent engagement in schools, Robert creates opportunities for parents to share best practices.

As a licensed and school-certified psychologist, Robert also provides parenting strategies, strength-based therapy, and educational testing from his offices in Haverford, PA. In his latest effort to support parents, Robert applies a character-strength approach to help parents work together, communicate better, and be more present with their kids.

Robert is also an avid player of Ultimate Frisbee, and beleives it is an excellent way to build good sportsmanship, character, and a strong family. Read the excellent piece he co-wrote with his son entitled "Ultimate Frisbee, Family, and A Way of Life" on The Good Men Project.

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