Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Tom Peterson, co-founder of the Anti Bully Squad, and former New York Giants running back, Lee Rouson, to talk about their efforts to stop bullies.

Their mission is to create a permanent solution to bullying through education, awareness and prevention. Through good moral character working closely with TV, music, and sports stars, they are creating an environment which will not tolerate bullying and its adverse affects on any individual.

Lee Rouson travels around the country talking to people about making sure that they know who they are inside before judging others. Watch Lee’s speech called "I am."

The Anti Bully Squad also has a Text 2 Report program. Text 2 Report offers a Nationwide Anti Bully Text line that operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With Text 2 Report, students now have the ability to text in any bully situation and remain 100% anonymous. The Anti Bully Squad does not give out the name of a student, they are assigned a case number for reference. The necessary steps are then taken to help resolve the issue in private. The information is not released, under any circumstances, unless requested by the client.

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