Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton chat about Ryan‘s trip home to Ferguson, Missouri and how he’s looking forward to his big family reunion. Then the guys bring on Christian Lee from Plaid Dad Blog.

For Christian and his blog partner, Aaron Saufley feel that plaid evokes immediate imagery in the mind. It’s the look of the Lumberjack. The colors worn by a Craftsman. Maybe it invokes recollections of a Rock & Roll.

That’s the well rounded Dad that they are trying to be at Plaid Dad Blog. They swing axes, and play them too. They turn a wrench and play Barbies with their girls. They try to cook in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

They guys talk to Christian about a podcast with his son called "What We Are Watching", the short film they produced for National Adoption Week called "Sanctuary", Christian’s fatherly confessions, and a few of his articles…and, uhh, even Branson, Missouri! […Why not?]

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