Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about Ryan‘s trip back to his hometown, Ferguson, Missouri, and they bring on Dan Alia from The Deconstructed Dad.

Dan has two wonderful little boys (Ben is 6 and Ethan is 4) and his wife Angie. Dan talk to the guys about a few of his blog posts like "How a Boogie Board Got Me Back in the Waves", "What Made You Smile This Weekend?", "Dumping My iPhone & Going Back to a Flip Phone", and what inspired him to start up a blog. The topic of Star Wars even comes up.

Dan also wants to help all the dads and parents out there. If you go to he will send you The Deconstructed Dad’s Toolbox – which includes:

  • The Definitive List of Tools EVERY Dad needs in his home to qualify for a man card
  • The Top 5 Things Any Job-Seeker Needs to Know to get ANY job, in ANY job market, ANY where
  • The Financial Trifecta – A monthly bill tracker, a retirement worksheet for your investments, and an expenses tracker for organizing your own financial house
  • The Top 50 Books on my reading list for this year

Get The Deconstructed Dad’s Toolbox here.