Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk first day of school, getting to know who this year’s teachers will be, and Tommy’s daughter’s Baptism. Then the guys bring on Victor Cho, who is the CEO of Evite.
Victor Cho is the Chief Executive Officer of Evite. Cho looks to lead Evite into a new phase of development that will redefine the brand and the party planning space. Cho has been part of many different types of companies. Ever since he was a young kid Victor knew that he wanted to work for a software company. To make sure he accomplished his dream Victor has managed development teams. He has done marketing as well as business and channel development. He has touched every part of a business in some shape or form. It was very clear to him that if he was going to run a business he needed to understand how all the different kinds of the component pieces work.
Not only did Cho have a plan to accomplish his work goals, but he had some things he wanted to achieve as a father. Victor took a year off of work before he became the CEO of Evite. He asked some other dads out there if they could have taken time off to spend with their children when was the age to do so. Most of the feedback was when the kids were between the ages of three and six. Cho decided to follow their advice. He was able to take some time off and spend that year with his daughters. It is something that he will always cherish.
Life of Dad co-founder, David Guest and Art Eddy had the great pleasure of talking with Victor about fatherhood, his business goals, and becoming a CEO.