Everyone knew a momma’s boy growing up. You know, the kid that would get hit in the head with a wiffle ball during the neighborhood game and run home like his pants were on fire. Then five minutes later you’d see him and his mom tear up the lane in their station wagon. The kids would scatter as she ran around the field accusing everyone of picking on her little shmoopie.

What’s even worse is if that kid turns into a grown ass man and carries it into a relationship. If history is any barometer, society doesn’t seem to take kindly to the man-baby that is always runnin’ home to momma. That lad might have a hard time keeping a partner!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together the biggest on-screen momma’s boys of all-time…

…so you can start making a list of what NOT to do off-screen!

How many of you know a momma’s boy?