Joe Gaudet is this week’s guest on The Geek Show on the Life of Dad Facebook page.

On The Show…

We talk with voice actor, Joe Gaudet about all the cool voices he does and how he had his daughter get into his line of work too! Joe is a very talented guy. If you have any questions for Joe feel free to leave it in the comment section below.


Joe Gaudet and his kids.

About Joe Gaudet

Joe Gaudet offers a full range of voice over services from his professional recording studio.  Joe has lent his voice to some of the most trusted brands around the world, network animated series and has voice doubled for many of Hollywood’s biggest names.  His voice can be described as friendly, relatable, sincere, authentic, fresh, powerful and energetic.

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Some of our viewers were looking for Joe to do a few voices and shared their thoughts on this week’s show.

Raul Vela Jr You gotta have him do the Arnold Schwarzenegger voice …. PLEASE! #hilarious

Carolina Campoverde Yes Deadpool

Tilton HiltonMy goal is do be a voice actor! That’s my favorite form of acting!

Edmund Rodriquez That’s kinda really cool. 

Garrett Talbot I would love to do something like this. Very cool:)

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