Buying gifts for women is often easier than buying gifts for men. Women seem to have lots of options to choose from whereas men, they tend to just be satisfied with anything as long as it’s something useful. However, buying a gift for a new dad may not be that simple. There are a lot of things men need once a baby arrives. Below are the top gifts a new dad love to have.

  1. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Peace and quiet are hard to come by with a new baby around the house. Noise-Cancelling headphones are a great gift for the new dad for the times when he needs to get some work done or needs a break from his dad duties.

  1. Watch

Time management is crucial for new parents, such as spending time with the baby amidst the hectic schedule at work. A manly watch for the new dad will ensure he will be on time all the time. Also, a nice watch adds a touch of class to the new dad, imbuing him with a dash of wisdom.

  1. Pocket Nanny

No manual exists to prepare men for fatherhood. This means it’s possible he may forget to feed the baby or give the baby its medication. To help prevent this, Pocket Nanny is here. This awesome little gizmo has timers for feedings, naps and medications. It also has a nightlight to help dad navigate through a dark nursery.

  1. Tile App

New dads may not be great at multi-tasking and may forget where things are. To prevent this, a new dad may enjoy the Tile App. It’s a smartphone connected chip that can be attached to anything. When the chip is attached it allows the app to track the object’s location.

  1. Custom Printed things

New dads need to feel special and what better way to accomplish this than with a customized gift? One common customized gift is the “dad mug”, printed with phrases like ‘best dad in the world’ together with a picture of the baby. Another popular option would be the baby’s picture printed in various sizes of frames for his office to remind him of the little angel waiting for him at home. To meet these customized printing needs you can rely on the company iCustomLabel. Their company offers various designs for those thinking of giving new dads a unique gift.

  1. Netflix

New parents will definitely want some time to relax while the baby is sleeping. Netflix is a perfect way to achieve this relaxation. New dads will enjoy its large selection of action movies and series.

  1. A Guy’s Night Out

Fatherhood creates a high-stress life and a new dad needs a break from it at times. A gift card is the perfect gift to give a new dad to let them have a night out. After a refreshing night out the new dad will be recharged and energized to tackle his family duties.
The change from being an average man to being a father is a tough but beautiful transition. Being a dad forces one to face challenges that can not be prepared for. The gifts mentioned above will help a new dad conquer the challengers he faces and be the best dad he can be.