*This blog post is in partnership with NewAir who gave us this fantastic Industrial Grade Clear Ice Cube Maker 

My kids go through SO MUCH ICE.  

Throughout the winter, our fridge’s ice maker is able to keep up.  Barely.  By the end of the day it’s empty, and we’re just hoping it produces more ice overnight.

But in summer time, we are toast.  Literally.  It’s hot outside, and then we’re out of ice by mid morning. 

And that’s when our kids’ friends come over, and it’s like we’re all waiting for our fridge’s ice maker to make the next six cubes.  

I’m lucky to get three cubes a day.  

But that all changed when my favorite company, NewAir sent me a gift that will keep us all cool through the summer.  

I’m not just talking about an ice maker.  I’m talking about the mother of all ice makers.

They sent me the Newair 15” Undercounter 80lb lbs. Daily Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine, Built-in or Freestanding Design, 40 Cubes ready in 15-30 Mins, Fingerprint Resistant Door, Self-Cleaning Function, LED Controls, 24 Hr. Timer, Scoop Included, Ice Thickness Controls

Taking this out of the box felt like Christmas morning.  A Christmas morning which was going to last the entire summer…

This beauty is a professional-grade ice maker that looks sharp enough for home kitchens. 

Until we re-do our kitchen, my beloved icemaker will live in the garage, but this unit brings all the power commercial kitchens need to produce 80 pounds of crystal-clear ice every day, so you get perfect ice cubes for iced coffee, cocktails, and more. 

Look at how much ice is in there!  

Also, versatile controls put you in charge of everything about your ice, including cycle timing and ice thickness. The stainless steel door is fingerprint-resistant, so my kids can’t mess up it’s beauty, even if they try. 

This ice maker has so much capacity, you’ll never run out of ice again — no matter how big a bash you throw!

You can get 10% off the Daily Clear Ice Cube Maker by using discount code LIFEOFDAD at checkout.