A video of a baby laughing adorably as her father reads her a children’s book has gone viral. This is exactly what you didn’t know you needed today!

Cute Baby Laughing

Tiktok video of a man reading a children’s book to his daughter has gone viral, and it’s no surprise why. This baby’s laugh is too pure!

The video was shared on Twitter by American basketball player Rex Chapman, and it shows dad using different voices as he switches characters in the book.

Here’s the Tweet with the video!

He captioned it, “Timeline cleanser: This baby girl responding to her new daddy reading a book to her in different voices exactly what I needed today…”

We think the most adorable part of the video is how the baby girl breaks out into fits of hysterical laughter every time dad changes character and his voice.

The internet couldn’t hold back the love for this precious, cute and hilarious daddy-daughter moment.

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This video well and truly made our day! How about you?

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