We love when we see dads and their kids make unforgettable memories. We recently saw a story from an ABC affiliate station in San Francisco where a dad and daughter travel the country and check out every MLB stadium.

A Dad And Daughter Road Trip To Remember

Danny Thompson and his daughter Emily had a road trip that they will always remember. They went to the thirty Major League Baseball stadiums in the country. They traveled over 13,000 miles to complete the journey. It was Danny’s dream to do this.

“I have loved baseball all my life,” said Danny to ABC.

Emily told reporters, “All my life he has talked about this. It has been his dream. This wasn’t my dream.”

What sparked the summer vacation? Danny recently had a heart attack which made Emily realize that time is precious. Emily wanted to do something with her father and knew exactly what type of trip they should take this summer.

Emily said, ”I was trying to find a way to connect with him and we didn’t have much, but baseball I could do. My main goal was to spend time with him.”

“She’s very patient being able to put with me. It was a good bonding experience,” said Danny.

Saving The Best For Last

So which ballpark did they select as their last one to complete the trip? There were a few stadiums to choose from. Danny is a fan of Wrigley Field in Chicago where the Cubs play as well as PNC Park that is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Yet to have the father and child bond come full circle there was one stadium that was above the rest. Danny saids, “I used to go to Candlestick Park with my dad, and the Giants were my favorite team. So we wanted to culminate the experience and the tour here at AT&T.”

Candlestick Park was home to the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, but was taken down a few years back. Now the Giants play at AT&T park.

What are they doing now after they completed a monumental trip? They are going back to work. Both of them are teachers and are returning home in Los Angeles. The trip might be over, but they will always have the memories.

“I actually appreciate him now, it’s not just ‘oh, we have to go to another game.’ It’s enjoying the moment with him,” said Emily.

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