Check out the Golf Dad…

When you become a father your hobbies tend to take a back seat to your family. It is understandable. You want to be there for your family and let them know that they are your number one priority.

Dads still need time to unwind and do the things they love so they can recharge their batteries.  There are occasions where you have to be crafty in how you make time for those hobbies. So if you are a golfer and want to get back on the golf course, but your baby is coming with you how do you make it work?

One dad found a solution. The video below shows us how he managed to multitask as he went to work on his short game. He is chipping with one arm while he is holding his young daughter in the other.

Bravo sir….bravo. Nothing is holding you back.

His short game is on point….

We have seen some other dads do the same multitasking thing at a few MLB games. Check out some other fathers showing that they can do it all.

Baseball Dads….

A fan makes a fantastic one-handed catch on Kevin Pillar’s foul ball while holding his daughter in his other arm. The guy has more than just his child in his arm. He has a food tray and some bags in his hand. Well done dad.

Something happens when you become a father. Many call it the Dad Reflex. Although this new intuition can help you protect your child you also get to steal a foul ball from Adrien Gonzalez.

A baseball game nearly turned into a disaster when an errant bat almost hit a little boy in the face. The near-miss happened when the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Atlanta Braves in a spring training game and a Pirates’ player lost his grip on a bat that headed toward the stands.

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