A touching dad photo titled ‘Daddy’s Girls’ takes first prize and we share 29 other entries featuring dads. WOW!


‘Daddy’s Girls’ by Ashley Marston Photography was announced the Overall Winner of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers 2021 Image of the Year Contest

Our mission here at Life of Dad is to celebrate the adventure of fatherhood. We cheer for the awesomeness of dads whenever we spot a reason and opportunity.

Thanks to the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and their incredibly talented members, the 2021 Image of the Year Contest, we have 30 magical photos featuring dads at birth – all submitted as entries to this year’s contest.

Cheers to all the new dads, moms, babies and families! And here’s to the professional birth photographers who bring creativity, passion and care together to help shine a light on the experiences of men at birth.

Here are the remaining 29 images. Get ready to be awestruck and for your jaw to drop!

Labor category

‘Mummy’s Eating, Daddy’s Sleeping’ by Susanne Krauss – natuerliche Familienfotografie

‘Hold Me’ by L.E. Ellis Photography

‘Reflections’ by L.E. Ellis Photography

‘Wave of force’ by Charlene Foerster Fotografie

‘Drawing upon the power within’ by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

‘Admire – Adore – Trust – Love’ by TC birth photographer

‘Excitement Rising – Powerful Mama’ by TC birth photographer

‘Love and release’ by Rachel Utain-Evans Photography

‘Here For You’ by Sarah Elizabeth Photography

‘Riding the Waves’ by Empowered Birthing Services

‘Holding On’ by Brianne Sanders Photography LLC

‘Of All Our Travels, This Journey Will Be Our Greatest’ by Dana Jacobs Photography + films

‘Delivery’ category

‘I DID IT – the wave of relief’ by Stages Doula

‘Good Catch, Papa!’ by Portland Birth Photographer

‘Born Into a Pandemic’ by The Carolina Doula Collective

‘YES’ by Moments in Life

‘When time stands still’ by Ashley Marston Photography

‘Love at first sight’ by Hello Baby geboortefotografie

‘I feel him moving’ by Rachel Utain-Evans Photography

‘Mask off and tears flowing’ by Rachel Utain-Evans Photography

‘All Eyes on You’ by Empowered Birthing Services

‘Passed Out Dad’ by Songbird and Oak Photography

‘Postpartum’ category

‘Born at Home #suckitcovid #fistbump’ by Raleigh Birth Photography

‘Really, Dad?!’ by Tiffany Hudgins Photography

‘Counting Fingers’ by Brianne Sanders Photography LLC

‘Birth Details’ category

‘The Pass Off 2020’ by Songbird and Oak Photography

Facilitator of the Image of the Year contest for the second year running, Liz Cook, shared these powerful words that puts the talent, passion and care we’ve seen in these images into greater perspective:

I am so proud of the artists in our community and the hard work they put into living life on-call, attending births, and nurturing their talent while trying to avoid burnout (such a huge thing in our line of work). But throw in a PANDEMIC and over half of our industry being kicked out of hospitals and losing an unimaginable amount of revenue for their businesses… their resilience is no better picture of the regular unforeseen challenges they overcome at each and every birth they attend. They amaze me.

And Contest Winner, Ashley Marston, sums up the heart of the professional birth photography community perfectly:

…thank you to the incredible families that trust me to come and capture their most precious moments and allow me to share and celebrate them with the world ❤️

To you the reader and valued member of our Life of Dad community:

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