We all know the quality of dad jokes, but what about dad pranks? One father wanted to show how great his tomfoolery was so he decided to record the prank he pulled on his daughter.

The backstory….

Kevin Carswell, who is a retired Raleigh, North Carolina police lieutenant put a mounted raccoon in the pantry and created a mess by crumpling a bunch of potato chips on the floor. He then positioned his phone to record his unsuspecting daughter freak out over said raccoon that was chilling in the panty.

The shenanigans started when Carswell called for his daughter, Kerri to get him some food out of the pantry.  At first she doesn’t see the stuffed raccoon, but as soon as she did Kerri jumped in fright and hightailed it out of the pantry as she yelled, “There’s an animal in the pantry.”

The video….

In the video you just saw you heard Carswell laughing in the background, as his daughter takes a moment for it all to sink in. You got to love the fact that while the father is laughing at what just happened the family dogs checked in on Kerri to see if she is okay.

Kerri was such a good sport that she told her dad that he needed to put the video on YouTube. The family says that the video has been very popular at her school and that because of that video Kerri got a bunch of followers on her Instagram account.

Dad’s thoughts…


Kevin shows off his hunting collection

“I liked the idea that it might get her some exposure on YouTube. I see it as just good clean father-daughter fun,” said Carswell.  He continues,“I was on my way home from the taxidermist and I thought: ‘I got to have some fun with this.’ What you see is real and unplanned. It’s not made up.”

Of course with any practical joke the idea of retribution has to be there. Carswell did say that his daughter told him to prepare for some payback. Carswell says, “Most people think it’s hysterical, but I’ve been told payback can be hell,” he says. “I’ve had people tell me my daughter is going to put thumb tacks in my bed.”

Nice work Kevin. You pulled a great prank on your daughter.

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