Dancing Dads. For thousands of generations parents have embarrassed their kids. What is different today than parents from the past is that smartphones capture those moments. Instead of just a few minutes of embarrassment from back in the day to now with social media people can record those moments that will live on forever.

As we grow older our comfort zone gets bigger and bigger. Yes, adults still care about how they are perceived by others, but not to the degree of tweens and teens. If one wrong picture or video gets uploaded to the interwebs your entire school year can be ruined.

Dads bust a move…

On the bright side these dads showcased in the videos below are dancing like no one is watching. Even if they see a video camera or smartphone recording their every shimmy and shake they keep on doing their thing.

Some of these dads are good sports as you can tell they were asked by their kids to dance with them. There are even some choreographed dances between the father and child. These dads use their dance moves to bond with their kids. All of these videos are great examples of dads sharing some quality time with their kids. In the end that is what a dad wants, to be involved in their child’s life.

So here at Life of Dad we want to keep the beat moving and see more videos like these! What is your go to song to dance with your kids?


Jimmy Fallon gettin jiggy wit it.

Dad dancing in the limelight…

Even Jimmy Fallon paid homage to the “typical” dad moves! Did he get all of the signature steps? Are some of those your dance moves? 

For more videos like this check out this article where a dad and his daughters perform an epic dance routine to one of Beyonce’s hit songs.