Whether your first child is just a month old or your trio of kiddos have already flew the coupe, every dad has buckets of rose-tinted memories stored away, small things to reflect upon and bring the sunlight back when storm clouds roll into town. We asked the dads of our Facebook community to share their favorite memory of fatherhood (thus far) and here’s just a small taste of the anecdotes you gave us.

Victor Hardy: Literally in last 30 minutes, my youngest (2 ½) said his clearest “goodnight” for the first time ever. Was a wonderful thing to hear.

Hayden Mazs: Probably my top moment was when my son (4 at the time) mouthed off (cursed) in correct context. I didn’t even get mad, was actually kinda impressed that he constructed the sentence so well.

Austin Morgenstern: This was about a year ago. I went to pick up my daughter (she was 1 1/2 at the time). As I was walking up to the door, she was standing there with the biggest smile on her face, jumping up and down screaming “daddy! Daddy!” It just melted my heart.

Retsim Notgnihsaw: Just now one of my sons came and woke me up because he wanted to sleep where I was sleeping. I took him back to his room, gave him a hug and told him to got to sleep and I love him. He replied, “I love you too Dad”.

Brian Lara: We have a yearly county fair. My daughter and I ride the Ferris wheel on opening night as a bit of a tradition. She’s 6 and we’ve been doing it 4 years already. Never had so much fun on a Ferris wheel.

Jason White: I had to go away for work and when my wife and kids joined me and they landed at the airport my one year son gave me the longest and most genuine hug in the world. Beautiful moment. I’ll never forget that so long as I have breath.

Tony Lee: I went to make my daughter lunch, left her in the play pin watching her show and, well, when I got back she was covered from head to toe in poo.

Chris Guinther: Tonight. When my 2 year old son, Cole, said “sweet dreams” and “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite” when I was tucking him in. Top ten best days of my life.

Kevin Barnett: My daughter and I share a birthday and though there haven’t been many (she’s 5) they’ve been great. She calls them “Daddy- Daughter Day”.

Robert Devine: When they shaved her head in a Indonesian tradition and she ended up with a great big pimple on the back of her head. Blew up like crazy when I squeezed it.

Olly Kieffer: When she saw the Batman-symbol, put her finger on it and screamed “DADDY!”

Barry Duncan: I gave both of my daughters their first baths. And dressed them both. Best memories ever!!

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*Flickr photo by Barbara W, used under Creative Commons license.