Daughter cries over missing Slayer in concert….

At one time or another if you are a parent you have listened to the same kids songs over and over again. Depending on the artist or song it could be seen as a form torture. We don’t want to hear a bunch of kids sing Wheels on the Bus over and over again as we drive to the grocery store.

Missing our music…

We miss the days where we could listen to the bands and artists we loved before our kids came into the picture. I am not pumping any of 2Pac’s songs from the All Eyez on Me album when I am in the car with my kids. Yet when your kids hear a song from your favorite band and really enjoy the music that becomes a game changer.

That happened for Hugh Jaynus. His daughter seems to really enjoy the band Slayer. They will listen to Slayer’s music while in the car together. For Hugh and other Slayer fans they received some band news from their favorite band. Earlier this year Slayer announced that they will doing one final world tour.


Here come the tears….

It looks like that news is hitting Hugh’s daughter really hard. When she told her dad that she wanted to go see Slayer in concert he said that was not going to happen. Upon hear that news she became really, really sad.

Hugh shared the exchange on his Facebook page while they were in the car together.  The video shows Hugh and his daughter in the backseat of his car. When she asks about going to the concert he says to her, “You can’t go see Slayer, baby. You’re too little.”

After realizing that she will miss seeing Slayer perform live in concert she starts to cry. She covers her face as her dad asks why she is crying. It is cute to see the little one’s love for Slayer, but her dad does bring up a few good points in the video on why she can’t go.

To try and make her feel better Hugh asks his daughter if she would want to see Cinderella or Mickey Mouse instead. Not having any of that she starts to cry even harder.

On Facebook Hugh posted the video saying, “She’s VERY cross with me right now she’s not even as big a Slayer fan as I am!! She’s only heard a couple guitar solos here n there while I’m working in the shop, she only likes them cuz I like them. But yeah, she’s mad at me.

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