Every time a new season begins I get pretty excited. New foods, new smells, new activities surround me and changes are literally, in the air. I get most excited about summertime. It’s beach time. The air is warm. Time to have family BBQs in the backyard. Loads of outdoor swimming will happen.

Unfortunately, my excitement is generally followed up with a hard dose of reality. The lamentable aspects of the seasons creep into my periphery. The humidity. The mosquitoes. The weekend beach traffic. The mosquitoes. The dirty outdoor EVERYTHING that needs to be cleaned. THE DAMNABLE MOSQUITOES!!! I’ll call a pest control expert to get rid of the mosquitoes, and I also have a nice weapon to fight the dirty, slimy, sticky and grimy aspects of the season.

However, there’s a silver lining. You’re not alone in your battle against these seasonal nuisances. A pest control expert can help you reclaim your outdoor space by effectively tackling the mosquito problem, making those warm evenings mosquito-free and more enjoyable.

According to Adriana Torres, CEO of Cleaning Services West Seattle, when it comes to addressing the grimy aspects of the season, having a reliable cleaning tool can make a world of difference. It’s your secret weapon against the sticky, slimy, and stubborn messes that accumulate outdoors. Contact a junk removal Roanoke company if you plan to clean your whole house.

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The Dirty

Every time I bust out the new season stuff, it’s like an archaeological dig.. Only it’s in my garage. And I’m unearthing boogie boards, water tables and baseball equipment. The layer of autumn, winter and early spring dust, pollen and dirt entombs any and all things stored away for the cold months slumber. It’s like a protective layer against the cold.

The Slimy

Not only do things get dirty in the winters, but spring in Central Texas goes from zero-to-damp and warm in no time. So, I’ve also got some mildew to clean up as well. While there’s nothing like getting all up in some fungus to start the season, atleast my friend, who works for a Miami mold removal company, will help me. Time to spray down outdoor chairs, tables, and everything else my kids and I will be touching. And come to think of it, my kids touch everything. I’m not sure if they are getting slime on them, or if the little booger and germ bombs are getting slime on the fungus. Could be a tie.

The Sticky

Everything. This is the season of stickiness. I’m not just referring to humid days where the air just seems to cling to you. What I’m talking about is every parent’s summertime experience. Sticky. Everything. From Ice Pops to ice cream and orange slices and watermelon, the world is a childs’ napkin. The drips and wipes all seem to land on all of your stuff and touching it unaware is revolting. Who knows what germs are living in that awful pile of stick. That’s why giving everything a nice, good clean-up is so very imperative. Sticky is unavoidable, but it’s nice to know there is a treatment to this epidemic.

The Grimy

Now this is just a conglomerate of it all. Having kids is just a daily exercise in grime. It’s the perfect mashup of all the germs and dirt and dust and mildews and molds that surround us, packaged neatly into bundles we will find, everywhere our kids go. If ever my kids get lost, I know that I can follow the trail of grime to find them.

So, how do I go about my clean-up to prepare for the outdoors? How do I make my outdoor living….. liveable? By getting rid of the gross and wiping out the germs with some Clorox Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach and Clorox Regular Bleach.

½ cup Clorox Bleach in a gallon of water, a sponge and some gloves, and my outdoor furniture is back in summertime shape. Wipe the solution to the furniture, let it stand for at least 5 minutes, rinse it well and then let it air dry. To really capitalize on time savings, you can wipe down the furniture and then soak some of your kids’ toys in the same mixture to disinfect and clean them!

Just rinse them when you’re done (at least for 5 minutes for real cleaning and disinfecting power) and set aside to dry.

To get rid of mold and mildew, I need to go slightly stronger, using ¾ cup Clorox in some warm water. Wipe it down, wait 5 minutes and rinse. Nice and easy. You can view the website and learn more on how to get rid of mold properly.

For other areas, the Clorox Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach is excellent for on-the-go or smaller areas. A quick spray and wipe-down cleans and disinfects. Handles, door knobs, dirty outdoor toys and tables can use a hit with this. It makes the clean-up super easy and is great maintenance once you do the big initial clean-ups.

So don’t dismay if your summertime isn’t quite ready for a kickoff. The awesomeness of summer is just a few clean-ups away and Clorox really makes it easy for us parents to get rid of the dirt, slime, stickies and grime. Goodbye germs, hello summer! I can’t wait to play outside with the kids, relax in the sun, and have friends and family over for some grilling and BBQs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clorox, however, the dirt, slime, sticky stuff and grime is all ours. Check them out HERE, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.