Geek Show – Avengers Endgame Trivia

Which Avenger or Avengers don’t make it in Avengers: Endgame?

On The Show

What are your theories? Join our Geek Show hosts, Art Eddy and Patrick Quinn as they talk all things Marvel and share their ideas of what will happen in Avengers: Endgame. Plus thanks to Hasbro for supplying Avengers items you can win some cool Avengers: Endgame toys by answering some Marvel trivia!

What some of our viewers said: 

Michael KaufmanOdds on Deadpool making a cameo in Endgame? (I’d love to see him on the “missing” screens.)

Clinton Michael CarrougherBanner is in the official poster not hulk, I believe he can’t turn back at all.
Kelly Clark Maybe Yondu can come back for the heck of it….he was awesome.
Jason Mitchell I suspect Capt Marvel and Capt America dies.
Jimmy Pamflett Captain marvel is awesome

About The Geek Show Hosts: 

Art Eddy

Art Eddy is one of the co-founders here at Life of Dad. He hosts and produces all of the Life of Dad podcast as well as hosting a few Facebook Live Shows on the Life of Dad Facebook page. He is one of the main writers on the site. Art loves Star Wars, football (49ers fan), baseball (Red Sox fan), Air Jordans and all things Geek.

Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn is one of the co-founders here at Life of Dad. He is one of the funniest writers here at Life of Dad. He has a weekly article called Playlist Elevated where he introduces you to bands that you might not know, but totally should.

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