Homer Simpson gets a bad rap when it comes to fatherhood. He is the doofus dad that backdoors his way into decent parenting. He does have his moments when he gets it right, but we want to see dads being portrayed in a better light.

In a recent conversation here at Life of Dad we found that one photo of Homer Simpson united a bunch of dads. They were talking about missing their kids when they are on the road for work or having to stay at the office late at night to complete a project.

One Dad Gets The Conversation Started


A conversation starter

In that group one of the dads opened up about how he thinks about his daughter when he is stuck at the office.

Alan says, “Have a good weekend fellow dads! Whenever I feel down, I like to look at this picture. Homer knew the struggle of making sacrifices for his kids, something I’m sure everybody here can relate to.”

Alan was not alone feeling that from time to time. One fellow dad agreed with him and showed us that he even has that picture framed to remember his kids when times are tough.

“I have it framed on my mantel.” said Steven as he shared the photo that he framed of Homer Simpson.  


Homer was framed!

“One of my favorite episodes since becoming a father. Big feels.” Aaron tells us.

Things That Help Keep Dads Going

As more and more dads shared their thoughts a few other dads shared photos or artwork from their kids that make the smile while at work.

Brad shares this photo and says, “I commute from near Daytona Beach to Atlanta every week for work. This is the wall of art at my crash pad my daughter keeps me stocked with. Every weekend I get a new pile of art she’s made for me.”


The artwork helps bring smiles.

A few dads agree with Brad. One dad says, “The art reminds us what we live for.”

One dad replies, “Right in the feels, man! I always tell myself ‘eyes on the price’ when I’m feeling like crap at work, makes me feel better.”

What Life of Dad Is All About

This conversation is what Life of Dad is all about. It is supporting dads in every way. We are a community of fathers looking to share our journey in fatherhood. We love seeing dads come together and build each other up.

We want to thank all the dads that make this brotherhood of fatherhood possible. So to all the dads looking to share their thoughts, concerns and questions they have about being a dad please feel free to join our ever growing community. We always have room for more dads!

Welcome to Life of Dad!

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