A dad asks for help on how to keep his house clean…and the Life of Dad community responds!

"My wife and I are at our wits end trying to figure out how to keep our house tidy. I work full time, and my wife works…

Posted by Life of Dad on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sean Anderson: Learn to live with it for a bit. I’m not saying live in shambles and disarray either. Your kids, once older, will remember the good times you had together. What they won’t remember is how clean the house was. Kids grow at an alarming speed. Pretty soon, they’ll be older and out of the house, and all you’ll have left are memories of when they were little. Make those memories be about time spent together, and not a tidy home.

Matthew Cosgrove: I have a 2-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl. They clean up after themselves for the most part. Get the kids involved in cleaning up. It wont be perfect, but will be much better. You can also hire house cleaning dublin to do it for you.

Chris ‘Fluffy’ Tough: Turn it into a game and get the kids to help, sweet bribes can usually help! But it’s not the end of the world kids will be kids as long as it’s not squalor you learn to overlook it!

Shane Hudnall: I have come to the conclusion, that if you both work and have children, having a clean house is impossible. Just keep it good enough that CPS don’t get called and you’re good. It gets easier as they get older but still impossible. You should also consider hiring a pressure washing nashville company for exterior cleaning.

Cullen Monk: Well, you gotta lower your standards for what is expected. Children are whirlwinds, that much is certain. But, if you don’t wish to settle for less, then you might want to take a look at time management. Is there anything in your day that you can do without that would be better spent cleaning? For instance, (and just something out of the air), maybe you spend an hour on Facebook. Cut that to 20 minutes and use the other 40 minutes to tackle things on the honey-do list. At the very end of the extreme is that you go without an hour of sleep or something. Faster solution? Contacting SYK Cleaning services. Ultimately, it comes down to your priorities. Is a clean house that big of a priority that it should be moved to the top of your list while other things fall off?

Adam Cagle: I got my daughter involved in cleaning with me… single dad work full time and we make a game out of it usually she’s just following right along singing clean clean clean… every situation is different though.

Jeff Nicole Cannon: When you have kids you will not own a spotless house. That’s just the way it is, making memories mostly involves making a mess too. No big deal, get them involved as much as possible in the cleanup afterwords and don’t expect perfection and everybody will be happier. Me and my wife have been doing this for 8 almost 9 years now with our three and it’s not perfect, there’s always stuff out that shouldn’t be. But it’s ok because we have fun with our kids and they don’t get constantly fussed at for picking up. Welcome to parenthood. Try out Connecticut Power Washing at home for a faster solution.

Adrian Purcell: This is tidy for our little girl. Learn to live with it. I’m a massive clean freak but you have to be realistic let your kids have fun and don’t worry about keeping a show home everyone will be much happier! You can also hire this cleaning service to help you out, click to see their website.

Cory Marsh: We have a sign up in our house that says “Pardon the Mess My children are making memories”. It’s not only for our guests. It’s a reminder to us that there are more important things than an always clean house. Before you know it, you’ll miss that mess. It’s not easy but a house can always be cleaned at a later date. You’ll never get those days or years back with your kids that you were spending worrying about the house.

Jeff DeVaul-Fetters: 2-year-old twin boys here so I feel your pain. Continue modeling the behavior of cleaning. We involve our kids and even pay them a commission for each chore they complete (pay in spare change). They now know what their chores are and often do them without prompting.

Anthony Mannon: A couple of really simple things that help tremendously.. teach the kiddos that dirty clothes ALWAYS go into the hamper, no exceptions. And toys STAY in their room, no exceptions. That should eliminate about 75% of the mess right there. I also use christchurch cleaning services when I’m not in the mood to clean.

Is your house immaculate (of course it’s not) — how do you handle the mess(es)? Tell us!

Messy room photo by Elizabeth, used under Creative Commons license.