This weekend Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom comes to theaters. While watching the trailer a few days ago I thought about how kids especially toddlers are very similar to dinosaurs. Heck my first article here at Life of Dad was titled, KIDS ARE LIKE VELOCIRAPTORS.

So I wanted to share a few of my ideas on why those diverse group of reptiles from back in the day share some characteristics of our kids.

Both Make Messes In Cars


Car trouble


Whether you are on a family road trip or taking a five minute ride to the grocery store your kids will find a way to trash your car. From finding goldfish in all the crevices of their seat to pieces of crayons mashed into the car floor you are constantly cleaning up after them.

In regards to dinosaurs we saw what happens when they get into a car. Remember when Dennis Nedry had a Dilophosaurus try to hitch a ride with him? The Dilophosaur sprayed its venom at Nedry’s eyes which started to burn from the poison. Even though he managed to get inside his vehicle the Dilophosaurus got into the Jeep too which ended Nedry’s life. Thankfully kids don’t have the ability spit vemon or we would all be in trouble.

Once They Are Mobile Things Get Real


Who is at the door?

When we are holding our babies we think about the different milestones our kids are going to accomplish. We can’t wait for our children to start walking and crawling. Yet when they start doing that we have to baby proof the house. We think we did everything we needed to do, but babies and toddlers find a way to crack the security and get into a cabinet or room they shouldn’t. Just like those little humans, dinosaurs learn how to open things they didn’t know how to before.

Those pesky velociraptors showed us how they can adapt and open doors. For Lex and Timmy they learned the hard way when those crafty dinos learned how to open doors. Once kids are fully functional and are on the move we are in a constant state of making sure our kids don’t get into places they shouldn’t.

Both Can Smell Fear


Owen saving the day.

When you are new to something there is some fear that comes over you. As a parent we all have had those moments when we move into undiscovered territory and get nervous. Things like dropping off your kids to school or day care for the very first time or going grocery shopping with them. We might stay too long at the school and when you leave your kid starts to cry. We learn from our mistakes and become better parents.

There are times where we use that knowledge to other parents in need. When a kid or toddler senses fear from a parent it always seems that the child’s tantrum goes from a level one to a level five. In those times we as veteran parents rush into help noob parents in need only when we think it is truly necessary. We use the line of, ‘Hey we all have been there before.’ to let the new parent that everything is going to be fine.

Dinosaurs smell fear too. Again we look at those velociraptors. In Jurassic World, we see Owen Grady help out a fellow worker to not get swallowed up by those raptors. So to the new parents out there I have some good news for you. Even if you are overwhelmed at times just know that your kids will not try to eat you. Well as long as you stock the freezer with chicken nuggets.