“With Life of Dad you are working with a team so that you can all make each other better.”
Beau Coffron – Lunchboxdad.com

For this interview we chatted with Beau Coffron of Lunchboxdad.com. If you don’t know Beau, his blog has been seen on Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, People Magazine, E! Online, Yahoo, CNN, The Huffington Post, and Beau’s blog was also selected as Disney’s Babble.com “Reader’s Choice Top Food Blogger 2014”.

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: Beau, when/why did you start blogging?

Beau Coffron: “I originally started my blog four years ago to keep a record of the fun character lunches I was making for my daughter. I thought it would be a cool thing to look back on. It turned into a way to encourage parents with their own kids.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: How did you get started with Life of Dad?

Beau Coffron: “I found Life of Dad online when I was searching for dad blogs. I immediately loved all of the different voices, ideas, and community that was there.”, Read this case study to learn more.

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: What has been the biggest challenge thus far in your blogging career?

Beau Coffron: “Dealing with haters and internet trolls. You develop a thick skin when you put yourself out there.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: What do you like most about Life of Dad influencer engagements?

Beau Coffron: “It is definitely the fun we have. There is no other network like it out there. You know that when you join a campaign you are joining a team that is going to work together, talk some trash, and support each other.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: Would you recommend Life of Dad influencer program to other bloggers? Why?

Beau Coffron: “Absolutely. For all the reasons I mentioned. Plus if you are looking into monetizing your blog, the Life of Dad network is a great place to start.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: What makes Life of Dad influencer engagements different from other sponsored blogging opportunities?

Beau Coffron : “In other sponsored opportunities that involve other bloggers, you are trying to do the best you can for yourself. With Life of Dad you are working with a team so that you can all make each other better.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: What tips/advice can you offer other bloggers to create successful, shareable content?

Beau Coffron : “Work on it. Be disciplined enough to write on a regular basis. Recognize where your weaknesses are and work to get better. If you aren’t good at taking photographs, do your homework, practice and get better. To most guys every part of blogging does not come naturally. You will have to do something you don’t like and aren’t talented at. Hustle and get it done.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: Where do you see the future of blogging heading?

Beau Coffron : “Video and live streaming. That mixed with a knowledge of social media is where it’s going.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: Any other advice for influencers/bloggers?

Beau Coffron : “Get involved in great online communities. You cannot be successful by doing this by yourself. We are all better together.”

Life of Dad Influencer Marketing: Star Wars or, Star Trek?

Beau Coffron : “Star Wars. Any other answer is just wrong.”


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