We have officially entered the sunny-’til-9pm, 89-degree humidity, no-more-amusement-parks, get-off-my-lawn phase of summer where all of us dudes who have been straight daddin’ it since school got out are digging deep into our bag of tricks to survive August with our sanity at least partially in-tact so we can draft a halfway decent fantasy football team…

On THIS WEEK’S LIFE OF DAD SHOW hosts Art Eddy & Jon Finkel debate and dissect some of the all-time best summer dad moves we’ve all used to survive the traumatic event called “summer break”. Along with some excellent comments from our Facebook Live audience, we covered over a dozen Summer Dad Moves that may wind up in the dad HOF. But for now…without further adieu…

We’d proudly like to unveil (drumrollllllllll)…

The Life of Dad Show’s OFFICIAL Top 5 First-Ballot Hall of Fame Summer Dad Moves

#5 Using Your Kids’ Friends As De Facto Babysitters

#4 Playing Fast & Loose with the PG-13 Rating to Avoid Babysitters and See Decent Summer Movies

#3 Pretending You Didn’t Hear the Ice Cream Truck

#2 Stretching the post-BBQ “Cleaning the Grill” Task into Stealing a Quiet 10-Minutes to Yourself

#1 Leaving ALL Summer Events Early to Beat the Traffic