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Jon Finkel’s books have been endorsed by everyone from Tony Dungy and Spike Lee, to Jerry Jones and Jeff Van Gundy. He is the author of The Athlete: Greatness, Grace and the Unprecedented Life of Charlie Ward. He also wrote “Mean” Joe Greene: Built By Football with 4x Super Bowl Champion Joe Greene, Heart Over Height with 3x NBA Dunk Champion Nate Robinson and Forces of Character with 3x Super Bowl Champion and Fighter Pilot Chad Hennings. He also wrote the popular fatherhood fitness book, The Dadvantage. As a feature writer, he has written for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, The New York Times, GQ, Details, Yahoo! Sports and many more. He is an avid speaker, writer and creative strategist for some of the biggest brands in sports and health.

Time to End the War on Apples

You’re probably thinking, “What war on apples?” You don’t know about it because you typically think of apples from your perspective. But think about events from the apple’s point of view for a moment. The simple, small little apple is the perfect fruit. It’s delicious. It’s portable. It was designed [...]

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The Life of Dad Show’s Top 5 First-Ballot Hall-of-Fame Summer Dad Moves

We have officially entered the sunny-'til-9pm, 89-degree humidity, no-more-amusement-parks, get-off-my-lawn phase of summer where all of us dudes who have been straight daddin' it since school got out are digging deep into our bag of tricks to survive August with our sanity at least partially in-tact so we can draft [...]

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3 Ways to Fix Halloween (Yes, It’s Broken)

It’s forty minutes past the kids’ bedtime and it’s too dark to see how many shots of tiny boxes of Nerds they’ve knocked back in the last half hour. Their little hearts are pumping a mixture of Smarties, M&Ms and Kit Kats. They go from walking very slowly with their [...]

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Ichiro, Tee Ball and How to Embrace Smashing Singles

Remember the old Nike ad with Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Mark McGwire that put the phrase, “Chicks dig the long ball” into the public lexicon? The ad opens with McGwire crushing batting practice home runs into the stratosphere while a crowd fawns over every swing. Glavine is soft-tossing on [...]

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