Mister Heavenly

Missed my article last week? You should thank my dad for the glass of water in my laptop that made work difficult. Happy times for all (yaaaaaay.) You’re going to get two music articles this week though, so that’s fantastic. Well, this week’s is on a supergroup of sorts. You might not know all the bands the three members come from though, if you’re not following this series. Should you explore the bands the individual members of Mister Heavenly are from though (Man Man, Islands, Modest Mouse, The Unicorns, The Shins), you’ll love the source groups as well. Keep on subject though. In Mister Heavenly, you get the awesome voice of Honus Honus of Man Man, the lyricism of Modest Mouse and the Shins, and the uplifting indie pop of The Unicorns. Touch of this, a touch of that all mixed to make a fantastic group that should be very much on your radar.

Notable Songs:

Bronx Sniper

Pineapple Girl

Beat Down

Makin Excuses

Crazy Love Vol. III


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