Show 1: BIRTH – You’re a Dad!

JOSH STEWART – The Dark Knight Rises, is the CelebriDad. Let’s be honest: nothing anyone can tell you and no book or movie is ever gonna prepare you for the nightmare of birth. And every Dad has a different reaction. MARK & BRYAN discuss the first few bloody moments with their first-borns and Mark’s six-year-old son reveals a tooth extraction technique that’ll have you running to Child Services. If you’re a Mom.

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About The Author not saying Dads are better than Moms, we.d never say something like that. I mean, both married to Moms and that.d endanger our precarious sex-lives if we said that. But what we are saying is that Dads are great at stuff we don.t get credit for and sick of being portrayed as bumbling idiots. Each week Dads Mark Staufer and Bryan Erwin discuss the gnarliest challenges of fatherhood in an honest and comedic way with celebrity guest dads and tips, workarounds and examples from their own family-life. You can join the discussion by emailing them at or following them on Twitter: @dadsaster. For more info go to