Ray Allen is this week’s guest on The Life of Dad Show.

In this interview…

Ray Allen stops by the Life of Dad studio to talk about his book, From the Outside, playing in the NBA, how Spike Lee asked him to audition for He Got Game and his favorite pair of Air Jordans he liked playing during his time in the NBA.


From the Outside: My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love

Ray then shares his thoughts on all things fatherhood. From the values he looks to instill into his kids to talking to them about how to deal with people who are negative, Ray was kind enough to chat about being dad.

About Ray Allen

Playing in the NBA for eighteen years, Ray Allen won championships with the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat and entered the record books as the original king of the three-point shot. Known as one of the hardest-working and highest-achieving players in NBA history, this most dedicated competitor was legendary for his sharp shooting. From the Outside, complete with a foreword by Spike Lee, is his story in his words: a no-holds-barred look at his life and career, filled with behind-the-scenes stories and surprising revelations about the game he has always cherished.


Ray Allen and his kids.

Allen talks openly about his fellow players, coaches, owners, and friends, including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett. He reveals how, as a kid growing up in a military family, he learned about responsibility and respect—the key to making those perfect free throws and critical three-point shots.

From the Outside is the portrait of a gifted athlete and a serious man with a strongly defined philosophy about the game and the right way it should be played—a philosophy that, at times, set him apart from colleagues and coaches, while inspiring so many others, and lead to the most pivotal shot of his career: the unforgettable 3-pointer in the final seconds of Game 6 of the 2013 NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Throughout, Allen makes clear that success in basketball is as much about what happens off the court as on, that devotion and commitment are the true essence of the game—and of life itself.


Ray Allen playing for the Boston Celtics.

Make sure you follow Ray on instagram at @TrayFour and pick up his book, From the Outside My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love wherever books are sold.

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