Juan Vidal is this week’s guest on The Art Of Conversation Podcast.

On The Show

Juan Vidal talks with The Art Of Conversation Podcast host, Art Eddy about his book, Rap Dad and how fatherhood changed his mindset in regards to his career. Juan shares with Art how his relationship with his father make him want to be a better dad to his kids. They talk about the life lessons they learn through music and the joys of being a dad. He then answers the Life of Dad Quick Five.

About Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal is a writer, journalist, and cultural critic, who reviews books for NPR and contributes to VibeEsquireRolling Stone, and GQ. His work has been mentioned in The New York Times and has appeared in BillboardComplexHuffPost, and others. Rap Dad is his debut book.

For more on Juan follow him on Twitter at @itsjuanlove and pick up his book Rap Dad where books are sold.

About Rap Dad

In Rap Dad, the musician-turned-journalist takes a thoughtful and inventive approach to exploring identity and examining how we view fatherhood in a modern context. To root out the source of his fears around parenting, Vidal revisits the flash points of his juvenescence, a feat that transports him, a first-generation American born to Colombian parents, back to the drug-fueled streets of 1980s–90s Miami. It’s during those pivotal years that he’s drawn to skateboarding, graffiti, and the music of rebellion: hip-hop. As he looks to the past for answers, he infuses his personal story with rap lyrics and interviews with some of pop culture’s most compelling voices—plenty of whom have proven to be some of society’s best, albeit nontraditional, dads. Along the way, Vidal confronts the unfair stereotypes that taint urban men—especially Black and Latino men—in today’s society.

An illuminating journey of discovery, Rap Dad is a striking portrait of modern fatherhood that is as much political as it is entertaining, personal as it is representative, and challenging as it is revealing. Click here to purchase the book.

About The Art Of Conversation Podcast

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