Charles Johnson is this week’s guest on The Art Of Conversation Podcast.

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Charles Johnson talks with The Art Of Conversation Podcast host, Art Eddy about his new book, GRAND: A Grandparent’s Wisdom for a Happy Life and he turns his attention to his most important role yet: grandparent. Art talks with Charles about the inspiration for his book, the role of fathers and grandfathers and much more.

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About Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson is a novelist, essayist, literary scholar, philosopher, cartoonist, screenwriter, and professor emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle. A MacArthur fellow, his fiction includes Night Hawks, Dr. King’s Refrigerator, Dreamer, Faith and the Good Thing, and Middle Passage, for which he won the National Book Award. In 2002 he received the Arts and Letters Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He lives in Seattle.

Luckily for us all, National Book Award winner and Macarthur Genius Fellow, Charles Johnson has written GRAND: A Grandparent’s Wisdom for a Happy Life. Johnson is an award-winning novelist, philosopher, essayist, screenwriter, professor, and cartoonist, but now — with his trademark wisdom and philosophical generosity — he turns his attention to his most important role yet: grandparent.

Johnson shares stories from his life with his eight-year-old grandson Emery, weaving in advice and life lessons that stand the test of time. This is by no means a one-sided activity, “In the dialectic of learning between grandparents and grand­children, in this give and take between generations, both sides have something to teach each other.”

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