Many of our dad blogger friends have written many words about the joys of having a daughter (check out Every Girl Dad and Out With The Kids) because raising a girl comes with its own unique, built-in advantages. When Life of Dad user and dad-to-be Kyle Holcroft recently asked us about the pros of having a daughter, our community responded! Here are just some of the great replies extolling the benefits of being the dad of a daughter.

Steve McMillan: Of course every male wants his first born to be a boy. That’s just how it is. But once you get over the initial shock of it, it’s the best thing. There’s nothing better in this world than daddy’s little girl.
Trust me, I was the same way.

Mat O’Leary: I think that you feel acutely aware that the world is a man’s world when you have a girl. I think it broadens your horizons, and makes you consider your words before talking, and you realise just how much your actions and example will shape her life to come.

Dan Firth: I have 3 daughters, they are all daddy’s girls. The things I love the most from my girls,

1. I love you dad.
2. You’re the best dad EVER!
3. Receiving little love letters left on my pillow before climbing into bed.

Kevin Huetson: I wanted a boy myself and we ended up with two girls. One is about to turn 3 and the other just turned 1. They fight already, they are loud and have attitudes already…I wouldn’t change a thing.

Dino Sanfilippo: My girls made me the man I am today. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. They have taught me to be patient, to be gentle, and that getting a makeover will not revoke your man card.

Jim Houston: I wanted to have a girl first and got lucky. Having my daughter first taught me how to be softer. I was worried about putting too many of my hopes and dreams on to a boy if we had one first. Having a boy second really helped me to stay focused on the fact that he was a baby and not just a smaller version of myself. I wanted my son to get the same kind of love and kisses I gave my daughter and I believe that she helped me to treat him like he was a baby and not just my boy.

Rob Walker: You are in for something FAAAAAAAAAR better with your daughter. . I have a son too but man! my daughter changed my life in ways a son can not…she will have you around her finger the second she smiles at you for the first time…

Atiya Ess: My little girl is 7 and she’s so so loving, kind, helpful and an absolute ray of sunshine. I have a 9 year old lad too and he’s a lovely too but my daughter always writes me letters, helps more than my son will willingly with chores. Talks to me. Just everything about her is amazing.

Jeff Piorkowski: I will be the yardstick that she measures men against when she gets older. That’s a lot of responsibility, but also an incredible one too.

Finally, and most importantly, Shayna Unsworth reminds dads of daughters that “anything a son can do, a daughter can do as well! I played with cars and trucks. I went out on the farm and rode motorbikes and drove tractors, and I fished with my Dad.”

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Photo of Kevin Huetson and his daughters previously shared on the Life of Dad Facebook page.