*This blog post is in partnership with Modular Closets who gave us this incredible Garage Renovation.  

Our family moved most of the way across the country back in 2022, and we hit the ground running in our new hometown with new schools, jobs, activities and much more.  We did our best to get our house organized in the middle of this chaos, and we did a pretty okay job INSIDE, but any extra boxes or stuff always ended up in the garage. 

The garage mess got bigger and bigger over two years.  Add in the fact that I’m a borderline hoarder who doesn’t want to say goodbye to anything that triggers a memory (no way I’m throwing away the first toaster from our marriage), and the situation kept getting worse.

My wife was ready to start purging the garage, so I needed to find a way to organize this stuff.  I searched for “garage clutter solutions” and “organize my garage” online, and the results brought me to Modular Closets.  They had just launched their garage organization system!

After touching base with this amazing brand, they decided they would be open to partnering with LIfe of Dad so we could then share on social media what their company is all about.  So happy to be working with you, Modular Closets!

First off, I learned that whether it’s a closet or a garage you are renovating, Modular Closets offers a FREE design quote.  You just add in the measurements for your space, and the modular systems can then be customized to fit any space.  

Could their systems help me to keep all of the stuff I wanted to keep in an organized fashion?  Yes, the answer is yes to that question.  But let’s rewind a little bit. 

Once our design was complete, I was immediately able to envision my future man cave.  Look at the beauty and potential in this sketch.  

A few weeks later the materials arrived, and this felt like Christmas morning for this Dad.  My garage was going to be the best one on the block! 

I had some friends come over to help me build for a couple of days.  The instructions were easy to understand, but with this many shelves, I definitely needed a couple of extra hands.  And then before we knew it, we were done!

And now, to show you some features from my masterpiece.  I’m absolutely in love with the large handiwall kit.  It stores the kids bikes, gardeng tools, ladders, and so much more perfectly. 

The handiwall is a 30-piece slatwall system that provides optimal storage organization for tools and other objects. Easily installed and customizable, the kit is perfect for creating space-saving storage solutions.

In our first couple of years living in our new home, I could never find the tools I needed when I needed them.  I knew they were somewhere in our garage, but I never had any idea where.  When renovating, it was necessary to me to have an organized tool area so I knew where to find everything.  

Well, combining their base module cabinets and cabinet modules mixed with a handiwall in the middle, I was able to make this a reality  My tool area is a complete gamechanger, and I’ve become a much better handyman around the house because I now know where all my Mr. Fix-It items are!

I’ve had a few friends visit my new garage, and they can’t stop staring at the Garage Tower Modules.  These big boys are extremely durable with a sleek design and a neutral finish.  

Featuring Powder-coated doors and drawers complete the look with a stylish and durable finish. With its sturdy construction, ample storage capacity, and customizable options, this cabinet tower is the perfect solution for keeping your garage organized and clutter-free.

Okay, I got that last paragraph from their website, but it is so true. Because thanks to Modular Closets and the new garage system, our garage is finally CLUTTER-FREE! Also, if you need a closet system for a bedroom, definitely check them out. Contact Ez Garage Door Repair Houston if your garage door also needs servicing or repair.