Sometimes, as a dad, you need to hide stuff from your kids. Whether it’s a gift (or a pile of gifts), a new pint of ice cream or, um, adult toys, every dad needs a great hiding spot. Here are where the dads of our Facebook community hide the good stuff in their house.

Where is the best place to hide things from your kids?

Posted by Life of Dad on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dale Callender Jr.: Right in front of their eyes. I mean — if they cant find the Ketchup bottle they want staring them in the face on the door of the fridge … its apparent things right in front of their face are super hidden.

Eddie Genninger: Hide it in the messiest room in the house and ask them to clean that room. Granted the room will be a mess for a while but you know they’ll never get to it. It’s all about sacrifice!!

Hannibal Grant: If it’s snacks, in your stomach. Everything else: high places. The look on my boys face when i put my phone on the fridge is great. I might as well have put it on Mars.

Sarah Goodwin: I use the cabinets above the stove because even I need a chair to reach them. For big stuff, we put things in our creepy basement that has a lock on it.

Joe Davis: For years I hid Christmas presents in the garage. Bought a trashcan, put a bag in it, put presents in it, and put the lid on it. Kids never lifted the lid once in a month.

Matt McWhorter: The center of their room. They can’t see anything in plain sight.

Doug White: If it’s ice cream, then under the frozen vegetables!

Clayton Cates: buy a box of cereal they would hate, and hide things inside of it.

Lance Leroy Newman: In their schoolbag.

Cory Sanford: Right next to the sex toys in the dresser.

Joe Pug: High up. My son is 10 now and it still works. I’m 6’2″.

Riccardo Kharmujai: Stick it up on the ceiling using tape!

Mike Rogers: Somebody’s kid just tricked all of you into giving away your hiding places!

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*Flickr photo by Lili Vieira de Carvalho, used under Creative Commons license.