Joe Nieves, Kadeem Hardison and Benjamin King are this week’s guests for the Life of Dad Show Remix.

This episode of The Life of Dad Show Remix brings on three dads who you have seen on three hit Disney TV shows. We talk with Joe Nieves, Kadeem Hardison and Benjamin King. These interviews were from previous episodes of The Life of Dad Show and highlights their conversations on fatherhood. Leave a review on iTunes or wherever you download the podcast for a chance to win a Life of Dad prize pack!


Joe Nieves

Joe Nieves 

Joe Nieves stars as Tom Diaz, the easygoing and laid-back father of seven, in Disney Channel’s family comedy series Stuck in the MiddleNieves was born in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Fairleigh Dickinson University where he played Division III college football. His television credits include How I Met Your MotherThe Mentalist, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Joe enjoys running marathons, watching sports, reading and playing board games. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, two kids and dog.

Follow Joe on Twitter at @joepnieves.


Kadeem Hardison

Kadeem Hardison 

Kadeem Haridson plays the dad in the Disney hit show called “K.C. Undercover.” The series follows K.C. Cooper (Zendaya), a high school math genius who gets recruited by her parents (Hardison and Tammy Townsend) after she discovers that they are actually undercover spies. Each episode centers on the family as they contend with everyday familial issues – while also performing missions to save the country. Kadeem talks with me about the values he looks to instill in his daughter as she grows up and what they like to do together when he is not working.

Follow Kadeem on Twitter at @KadeemHardison.


Benjamin King

Benjamin King 

I was able to chat with the very funny Benjamin King. You can see him on Disney’s smash hit show, “Liv and Maddie.” Not only does Benjamin play the dad, Pete Rooney, on “Liv and Maddie,” but he has also started to direct episodes. Benjamin and I talk about the show, how he got into directing certain episodes, and fatherhood. From my interview with Benjamin I could tell that he takes being a dad very seriously, but also makes it a point to have fun with his family.

Follow Benjamin on Twitter @SirBenjaminKing

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