There’s a lot we parents hope to give to our kids, whether that’s a love of our favorite band or sports team or the personality traits and core values that we know will help them be smart, safe and kind to others and to the world around them. So we asked our Facebook users, “What’s an important value you want your kid to have?” Here’s some of our favorite responses.

Josh McDavid: Integrity. Do what is right no matter the circumstances, or the people you’re around. Be a person whose word is tried and true, and whose beliefs and actions align.

Josh Deener: I teach my boys to appreciate EVERYTHING they have and get in life. No child from this generation is ‘entitled’ to anything. Lack of appreciation for what you have is what’s wrong with kids these days.

Conor Mclean: Never quit. No matter what life throws at you, how hard a job may be, or a project, never give up. You will triumph in the end!

Joey Miranda: Your dreams are never too big. Do what you love and make YOURSELF happy. Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something.

Katherine Figueroa: To not be judgemental. Nothing enrages me more than racist, homophobes, classists, etc.

Jeff B: I grew up with my parents struggling so I want my daughter to understand you make your world what you want it to be.

Amie-maree Stocks: To be thoughtful of others (but still put himself first some times)…and I think I’ve already taught him this because yesterday he lost his first tooth and got $2 for it, took it to school to buy an ice cream but instead bought me a present.

Abhigyan Srivastava: Compassion. The kid has this, every other quality will come on it’s own. If you have compassion, you will respect others be it your parents, elders, neighbors etc. With compassion comes love. You will not hurt animals or humans. You will also not cheat or lie.

Stuart Reece: RESPECT- Respect for self and self worth , Respect for others—-we are nothing if we just can’t respect one and other or ourselves

Justin Case: Courage, because, ‘without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.’ (Maya Angelou).

Mark Smurda: Do the right thing – even when no one is looking.

What values do you hope your child grows up with? Share your answers with us on Facebook!

Photo credit: Medical Office Careers