Being a dad is great, but we all know there are some terrible parts — diapers, throw-up, ex-wives. We asked the dads of our Facebook community to tell us their least favorite part of being a dad and if we could sum it up in one word, it’d be TIME. Time is the worst.

What's your least favorite thing about being a dad?

Posted by Life of Dad on Sunday, February 26, 2017

Alejandro Parés: Every time my daughter cries because she wants to spent more time with me but I have to send her back to her mom’s house. It breaks my heart.

Miles Dunn: How little time I actually get to see my daughter. I come home at 6 and she goes to bed by 8:30. Two and a half hours a day is not nearly enough.

Tim Forsyth: Being underestimated on my capabilities of taking care of my daughter. I work full time, so I only really see her in the evenings. I don’t think my wife tries to offend me, but she’ll give me instructions for every little detail, as if I’ve never done stayed home alone with my daughter before.

Dave Ratcliff: How fast time flies. Just yesterday my baby girl was born and now she is a freshman in college 1600 miles away. I don’t know who is growing up here….her or me.

Lou Santiago: The neighborhood kids. Some are great kids. Others, well, it’s not hard to see who takes time to raise their children. It’s a constant fight of not trying to be too involved and let the kids decide who they want to spend time with for themselves. But other times, the position presents itself where I need to speak up. Yeah, other people’s kids.

Aaron Church: I hate making my daughter cry when I tell her no or have to force her to take medicine when she is sick or when I put her down for the night and she starts crying.

Nicholas Cage Wilson: Not feeling like I do enough. Even though I work full time, go to school full time, and on Sunday, my only day off, I let my wife sleep as long as she wants and I take care of our child. I just feel like I never do enough.

John O’brien: When I gotta go work and my 3 year old says don’t go work daddy. It’s makes it so hard to go.

Achor Mal: Having to deal with my daughter’s mother who doesn’t really care for her as much as she leads her to believe.

Raj Dial: Now my 2 daughters are teenagers I miss all the things the use to do as babies.

Justin Delaney: I seem to get frustrated a lot easier. And I dwell on past parenting mistakes.

James Giblin: Every time I set one of the twins down to sleep he immediately wakes up and starts crying until you pick him back up.

Erik Deitz: Repeating the same damn thing over and over.

Scott Carle: Doing it alone. However, it is also my most favorite thing sometimes.

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*Flickr photo by Anne Worner, used under Creative Commons license.