This week on The Geek Show we are trying to Stump The Patrick in music trivia.

On the Show…

Today we are looking to see if you can beat our own Patrick Quinn in music trivia. If you can you might have a chance to win some prizes. To play you have to leave your answer in the comment section below. We also had some awesome baby and fatherhood news during the show. A few dads were watching the show in the hospital as their wives were in labor! That is some dedication to The Geek Show we can appreciate!
Congrats to the dads below!!!
Mike MaguireI’m in the hospital now waiting for my wife to have our daughter. Baby #2.
Matthew Foster I’m in the hospital with baby #4

Stevie Wonder

Some of the viewers who participated shared their answers with us!
Lianne YoungOmg! Anchorman reference!!
Samuel RadfordLater, boys. This was fun.
Christy Gamber The police
Kyle Joseph Disotell fender

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Patrick Quinn is one of the co-founders here at Life of Dad. He is one of the funniest writers here at Life of Dad. He has a weekly article called Playlist Elevated where he introduces you to bands that you might not know, but totally should.

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