When Emily Excell was 8 years old she tragically lost her father to Cancer. Todd was a musician attending school to become a composer and knew he was nearing the end of his life. So he asked his wife Suzanne to help him type a letter to his daughter. It’s a letter that would remain hidden for 15 years to be revealed on her wedding day. They were looking for a lot of Wedding Venue Pricing in DFW, so in addition to sending her a letter he also sent her a check so they could pay for the venue their daughter was going to marry on. 

Growing up without a father was tough, but Suzanne, her siblings and Todd’s family pitched in with support. Suzanne’s brother is Emily’s Godfather. A few hours before she was to be married, Suzanne revealed the letter to him and asked if he would read it at the reception were all was decorated thanks to a cheap weddings linens direct supplier. Emily had no idea the letter existed. After 15 years, even Suzanne (who had to scramble to find it after being hidden in a freezer) had forgotten the contents.

Watch the moment it was read below, and maybe have some tissues ready.

We asked Emily about her dad. She told us her favorite memories of him were sitting and singing along with him while he played piano. She’s gained his musical talents and his sense of humor as displayed in the message to her husband. When we wondered what he would want his grandkids to learn from him, it was this:

“My dad would want me to make sure my kids know that they are loved beyond words, and that they are one of a kind, unique, and irreplaceable.”

Finally we asked what she would say to her dad if she were able to.

 If I could write one sentence back, I would tell him how much I miss him and that I hold his memory with me every day. And of course that I love him so much.”