You’re ecstatic that you’re going to be a Dad. A sense of happiness that you didn’t know existed settles into every aspect of your life. But then you step out your door, or even into your living room, and someone bursts your bubble. There is a major social stigma that you’re going to have to overcome.

“She’s pregnant?” They say, the negativity dripping from every word “Well say goodbye to your dreams. Your life is over.” How often I’ve heard this. How often young parents-to-be hear this. Maybe they’re right, you think as worry sets in. Stop right there before you sink any further. You are a member of the human race, and that means you are destined for some serious and incredible things. It’s our most primary and dominant function to have children, and as men, protecting a child and being a father should be as natural as breathing (but if you are a Dad-to-be and barely have hair on your balls, God help you.)

I’m probably not making you feel any better. But let me say this: people are not going to take you seriously, no matter what you do. They will think you are stupid and immature. That’s just something you’ll have to deal with. Fortunately, they don’t matter. At all. But your baby does, and this is your number one goal: making your baby’s life number one priority. (And right now, that means taking damn good care of your partner, too.)

As you go about your days, you will encounter many situations where you will feel like you’re being pitied and others feel sorry for you. That’s because you are, friend. Sorry, but it’s true. They see it as “Poor guy, his life is over before it even begins, and he doesn’t even know it.”

Others will see you as selfish. “He’s seriously keeping the kid? At his age? He’s just learning to look after himself. Damn entitled kids, thinking they can do whatever they want.”  This angers me off like nothing else. Not everybody can be thrown under a broad generalizing statement like that. Take their words and shove it back down their judgmental throats through your actions in preparation for your child’s birth.

You can’t afford to let the negativity of others affect you. Your baby needs you to be strong. Your partner needs you to be strong. In the end, everyone else is irrelevant. Being a parent is not a 90 % thing. You can’t be almost entirely invested in this. You better be 110%, my man, if this is going to work.

Take the naysayers words and motivate yourself with them. Do what you have to in order to give your child the best life possible. Use society’s negativity to fuel your success. Crush anything that gets in your way.