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Call To Arms For A Fatherhood Project

Hi everyone, I have been posting off and on here throughout my partner's pregnancy, and am now the  father of a beautiful little boy named Gabriel. I'm 20 years old, and being so young, I researched as much as I could to lessen my disadvantage. My findings were pretty inconclusive [...]

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Post, The First

  Gabriel was born on the first day of Spring, three days after his due date. I can’t help but believe this wasn’t a coincidence. Since his birth, there really has been new life injected into all those around him. He’s so small, but has impacted our lives in such [...]

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To Infinity and Beyond

Author’s Note: I wrote this just before I went to bed on the eve of my child’s estimated birth (he ended up being born two days later), and I wanted to share it with you all.  * In just over 6 hours, Chels begins her induction, and Gabriel will be [...]

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23 Things I Will Never Do As a Father

1. Use my hand to wipe the snot and drool from my kids face, and then wipe it on my pants or shirt. That’s just gross. I’m not so lazy I can’t pack wipes or Kleenex, and then get them when I need one. We have the technology. We don’t [...]

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Being A Young Dad: Social Stigma

  You’re ecstatic that you’re going to be a Dad. A sense of happiness that you didn’t know existed settles into every aspect of your life. But then you step out your door, or even into your living room, and someone bursts your bubble. There is a major social stigma [...]

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Becoming a Dad at 20

  So you’re 20 years old and becoming a father. Congratulations. I am, too. My first child will be born in about a month as you read this. And I’m telling you, stop freaking out. Everything’s going to be okay. I’ve been told that now that I’m having a kid, [...]

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