Power Up With GameStop This Holiday Season

The holidays are here. Have you even started shopping yet? If you are looking for a store that has something for everyone on your holiday list, GameStop is that store. One of the reasons that my kids and I go to our local GameStop store is that staff are so helpful. If they [...]

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Have A Harry Potter Holiday

Even though Harry Potter is not considered a holiday movie, to me some of the movies have that holly jolly vibe. It probably has to do with the idea that some of the movies you see Harry and his friends celebrate the end of the year holidays. My family [...]

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The Art Of Conversation – Episode 310 – Art Baltazar and Franco

Art Baltazar and Franco are this week’s guests on The Art Of Conversation Podcast. On The Show Art Baltazar and Franco talk with The Art Of Conversation Podcast host, Art Eddy about their new book, Superman of Smallville and how they approached creating a story about a middle school aged [...]