Dad in stitches after sharing his daughter’s ‘All About Dad’ school project in viral video


The ‘All About Dad’ school project | Photo Credit: dadrealbad/TikTok

What do you get when you ask a toddler a question? Brutal honesty. That’s just straight facts.

One dad was reminded of this when he read his 4-year-old’s school project that was ‘All About Dad’.

Her answers are full of sweet and hilarious gems, starting with “Question 1. How old is your dad?” Her ‘guess’ – 6! Just two years older than she is. Haha!

Dad also likes to dance! | Photo Credit: dadrealbad/TikTok

The laughs come when you get down to “Question 4. What does your dad do for work?”, baby girl answers with complete and brutal innocence, “I don’t know but he eats”. 

And then “Question 6. What does your dad like to do?”, dad’s love of food is revealed again: “He likes to eat dinner”, she responded.

Dad can be heard laughing after sharing this hilarious daddy-daughter moment in the hilarious video shared by TikTok user @dadrealbad, which has now been viewed 145,000 times.

The 4-year-old girl does have some sweet answers about her dad, too.

“Love makes him happy” and his favourite colour is “Purple”.


From the Comments section:

One mom said: “My son made one for Mother’s Day and it asked, ‘What’s your mom’s favourite thing to do?’ and he wrote ‘sleep’. I have three kids, one is three months old so he’s not wrong.”

Another wrote: “She’s brutal but cute, it’s a good mix.”

“My son said I was good at Super Mario Kart, I’ve never been more proud lol,” joked another.

Another TikTok’er pointed out that it sounded like the dad has priorities right: “You work by eating, enjoy playing with her and love, you have quite the life!”

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