Dad’s thread about the fatherhood lessons he’s learned from his baby daughter goes viral for all the right reasons!

Image credits: bonisile_mgidi

Image Credit: bonisile_mgidi

Bonisile Mgidi became a father to his daughter Mihlayonke (Mihla) in August 2020.

This new papa grabbed our attention when he posted, “10 Things I learnt in my 160 days as Mihla’s father [Thread]” on Twitter.

We think this new daddy wisdom is fatherhood and parenthood gold, and definitely shareworthy.

Here’s the viral thread!

And there was even a ‘bonus lesson’!

Since having a baby, Bonisile has become more conscious of time. On the topic of not having a lot of it, he said, “The guilty pleasures you enjoyed are interrupted and the deadlines you could meet are now extended. That has been the biggest thing for me.”

“Seeing other parents come on to the tweet to confirm that I am not crazy and I am just like them made me really happy,” he shares.

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