Gender Reveal gone viral…

I am going to sound like an old man, but gender reveal parties weren’t a thing when my wife was pregnant with our two children. They look really fun and it builds up the anticipation for friends and family.

Plus it is another great excuse to throw a party with friends. Since gender reveals became popular there have been ones that went viral.

Some were shared all around the interwebs because they were done so well and others made the social media rounds because they were epic fails.

A Swing and a Miss…

Earlier this week a couple was looking to share their gender reveal with fellow Cubs fans at Wrigley Field in Chicago. They brought a ball that had either a blue or pink color inside of it to reveal the baby’s gender. The plan was for the man to hit the ball that his partner pitched to him outside the stadium. We have to give the woman props as she pitched the baseball in one hand and held onto her child in the other.

The planning seemed to go off without a hitch. Share the wonderful news with fellow Cubs fans. The only issue was the execution of the reveal. As you see in the video below taken by Jeffrey Habjan, the couple might have needed a few more practice swings to get it right.


Jeffery was at the right place at the right time as he filmed the reveal. Can we also take a minute to applaud Jeffrey’s Twitter account handle? His account is under the name of @the_JazzyJeff. A few points go to Jeff for the nod to DJ Jazzy Jeff from The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff fame.

Even with the mishap we at Life of Dad want to sat congrats to the couple as they prepare for a boy to come into their family soon.

One piece of advice to the mom and dad. If you want your son to play baseball you might want to have an aunt or uncle teach them game instead of you two. I kid. I kid.

Other baseball fails….


You need to swing!!!

The blooper reel doesn’t just stop with the Cubs fans. Nope there was another baseball mishap a few years ago. Another couple wanted to involve America’s pastime into their gender reveal. The only problem they had was that the batter seems to be a selective hitter. It is good thing when you are playing an actual game, but for gender reveals you can’t wait for the right pitch. You need to swing at the first pitch or this will happen.


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