One of the things that we dads do best is embarrassing our kids. It is in our DNA. We get a kick out of it. Some dads take it to the extreme. Just take a look at this Cubs fan trying to floss at the ballpark.

You Can Floss If You Want To

During a Chicago Cubs game a camera was pointed in one dad’s direction. That dad knew exactly what to do with his 15 minutes of fame. He flossed. Now he didn’t do it correctly at all, but that was the dancing equivalent of a dad joke.

To make matters worse his moves were put on the jumbotron for everyone at the game to see…(and later for all on the internet to see as well.) Now you might not be able to look away from that dancing dad, but his daughter is trying to do everything she can to stop him. She tugs on his shirt. She give him a cold stare. Nothing is working as this dad is living it up.

So You Think You Can Dance

For those dads who want to step up their dancing game for when they are on the jumbotron we are here to help you out. Recently The Wall Street Journal asked Brendon Hansford, who is a choreographer to see if parents could floss. We added that video below for two reasons. One to teach you how to floss and two it is great to see these parents going all in on the latest dance craze.

The Wall Street Journal even asked Russell Horning, aka “The Backpack Kid” known for his performance of the floss to help Brendon out. Russell says, “Adults just don’t have the coordination or the flexibility to do it right.”

What do you think? Can you dads and moms out there prove Russell wrong? If so send us your floss videos to crew@lifeofdad.comYou might win a Life of Dad prize pack if you got the right moves!

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