In this DaddyDev lesson, Ryan E. Hamilton teaches the kiddos about HTML images, or the <img> tag!

Much like the <br> tag, the <img> tag is also an empty tag (i.e. it is not a container), but, like the <a> anchor tag, HTML images also contain HTML Attributessrc to designate the image file, alt for some alternate text, and the width and height of the image.

Imaging an internet without images! Yes, y’all, this lession is crucial.

Enjoy! 8)

DaddyDev 10: Images

Sample Code

<html> 	 	<head> 	</head>  	<body> 		 		<img src="goodboy.gif" alt="The Good Boy" width="200" height="300">  	</body> 	 </html>

Code View

DaddyDev 10: Images

Browser View

DaddyDev 10: Images