In this DaddyDev lesson, Ryan E. Hamilton teaches the kiddos about HTML Spans, or the <span> tag!

A span is something with two endpoints (like a starting point and an end point). An HTML Span defines a tag is used to group a region of inline elements (like a span of text) in an HTML document. Inline elements are normally displayed without starting a new line (i.e. they are displayed within the line).

Like HTML Divisions from the previous lesson, HTML Spans are often used together with [CSS] styles, to add specific styles and/or formatting to a region of text or other inline content.

To learn the difference between HTML Divisions and HTML Spans, read this.

Enjoy! 8)

DaddyDev 14: HTML Spans

Sample Code

<html> 	 	<head> 	</head>  	<body> 		<p> 			This is <span style="color:red;">RED</span> text. 			This is <span style="color:green;">GREEN</span> text. 			This is <span style="color:blue;">BLUE</span> text. 		</p> 	</body> 	 </html>

Code View

DaddyDev 14: HTML Spans

Browser View

DaddyDev 14: HTML Spans