In this DaddyDev lesson, Ryan E. Hamilton introduces an extremely important language that all web developers should know — JavaScript!

JavaScript is the programming language of the Web, and it is one of three crucial languages — [1] HTML, [2] CSS, and [3] JavaScript — that ALL web developers MUST learn.

  1. HTML is used for adding content, objects, and any thing (i.e. nouns) to a webpage.
  2. CSS is used to add style, colors, sizes, layouts, and other properties (i.e. adjectives) to HTML objects.
  3. JavaScript is used to add functionality, action, and behaviors (i.e. verbs) to HTML and CSS.

Without JavaScript, webpages wouldn’t really DO anything. JavaScript is responsible for bringing HTML and CSS to life, so this is where the real fun begins.

Enjoy! 8)

DaddyDev 20: Introduction to JavaScript