In this DaddyDev lesson, Ryan E. Hamilton teaches the kiddos about HTML Headers<h1> to <h6> – and Paragraphs<p> – and the differences between them!

He teaches about the different kinds of HTML Headings: <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6>

The kiddo conveniently fetches his favorite book of fables, so Ryan demonstrates headings and paragraphs in action.

Enjoy! 8)

DaddyDev 8: Headers & Paragraphs

Sample Code

<html> 	 	<head> 	</head>  	<body> 		 		<h1>This is a header 1</h1> 		<h2>This is a header 2</h2> 		<h3>This is a header 3</h3> 		 		<p>This is a paragraph. See! The text is much smaller.</p>  		<p>A paragraph is a group of sentences that make a statement about a central theme.</p>  	</body> 	 </html>

Code View

DaddyDev 8: Headers & Paragraphs

Browser View

DaddyDev 8: Headers & Paragraphs