Dad’s daughter is the MVP in this video.

It seems the videos that go viral are the ones that take a different direction than what we thought was going to happen. In this video we don’t get an epic fail result. Instead we get an adorable father daughter moment.

The backstory….

There is a YouTube account called AvE where he deconstructs power tools, engines, pump components, and other tech items. He does this to show how things work as well as how to put thing back together. He has a great following because his videos are legit and he doesn’t pull any punches.

A lot of people love his “BOLTR” tool tear-downs videos. He even won an YouTube award in which he takes that apart to show his viewers how that award was built.

The touching father daughter moment….

In this video he is showcasing a trochoid pump and breaking it down. While he is going through the video and narrating it all of a sudden we hear his daughter in the background. She tells her dad that she got an ouchie around the 4:30 mark.

After that his daughters gets interested in what her father is doing. He talks with her about the trochoid pump and tells her how it works. He also asks her questions along the way. This is a great Life of Dad moment where a father’s hobby intersects with his daughter.

The video is an instant classic here at Life of Dad. We salute this father for many reasons. He takes the time to see if his daughter is okay. He then teachers her about his work. Then they end the video because his wife tells them that a cake is ready! The father daughter duo stop what they are doing to enjoy the cake.


Dad and daughter make this an adorable video.

Sounds like a great day in that household.

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